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Fashion Apparel Design Program

The fashion apparel industry is one of the most exciting yet challenging sectors of the fashion industry. It offers various categories to develop and succeed as a fashion designer to create and launch your brand. It offers many employment opportunities for talented, passionate individuals like you to work as a fashion designer, creative director, head pattern maker, product manager, and other employment positions.

As a Fashion Apparel Design Program student at the Fashion Institute of Florida, you will earn suitable skills to enter and succeed in such a competitive industry. Unlike other fashion colleges, our curriculum is based on hands-on learning from day one, focusing on relevant lessons for the industry. This way, enrolled students save time and money by only taking the necessary courses needed to succeed in the fashion industry. In addition, students can access fashion-related events and activities, including student invitations from the FGI South FL and NYFW. Tours to garment factories and industry trade shows in Miami. Students will receive discounts at fabric stores, a database of resources for starting their clothing line, internship opportunities, job placement services, and many other opportunities to help them succeed in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Institute of Florida is a boutique school; our class size is up to 10 students for practical courses like garment construction and pattern-making and up to 12 students for theory courses like History of Fashion, Fashion Trends, How to Launch a Clothing Brand, etc. This gives each student the benefit of asking questions, building a rapport with the instructor, and the advantage of not feeling overwhelmed by a large group of classmates.

About The Program -12 Months

This 1196-clock hours program covers courses on each of the fashion design disciplines, including Adobe Illustration for Fashion Design, Draping, Grading, Garment Construction, Pattern-Making, How to Launch a Clothing Brand, Product Development, Fashion Collection, Textiles, History of Fashion, Trends, plus internship hours to provide students with the foundation they need to develop a career in the industry. FIF's Fashion Apparel Design program includes courses in the latest software available to the fashion industry. Students will learn computer pattern-making, digital drawing, and 3D design using the most innovative and fantastic design software available for the fashion industry today. In today's market, using and implementing those software have revolutionized how designers design, produce, and sell their designs. The students will complete the program by making a three-look collection of their designs at the end of the program for the extravagance runway fashion show at the graduation ceremony.

What You'll Learn

Students in the FAD Diploma Program will take a variety of courses during their time at FIF.

Some of these include, but not limited to:

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion D

Fashion Business + Marketing

Pattern Making
Garment Construction


Fashion Trends

Computer Pattern Making

Garment Production


Where Do FIF Graduates Works

After completing the FAD program, graduates will be able to find entry-level opportunity for careers such as:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Assistant Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Production Manager
  • Trends Researcher
  • Sample Maker

Fashion Institute of Florida’s FAD alumni gain entry-level employment at several companies in the fashion industry.

In the past several years, FIF graduates have been employed by Elan International, Petit Poits, Just Bee Queen, Sharon OP and others.

Others FIT alumnus had successfully launched their own brand, like Taylor Dory, Beatriz Perez de Bululu and Olga Nikoza, head designer for Nikoza

Lifetime Career Service

Our Career Services team plays a crucial role to help you secure industry-relevant employment after graduation, and throughout your career. Our team has developed industry relationships and frequently communicates opportunities to FIF graduates. We also provide guidance and resources to help you land a career fit for your skills.

Why The Fashion Institute Of Florida

1-Because, at the Fashion Institute of Florida, we care about each of our students' success. Watching our students prosper means our purpose is fulfilled.

2-Unlike other fashion colleges, FIF's founder and CEO have over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, close relationships with fashion brands, and connections with employees, FGI, and other fashion networks. She is very involved in the curriculum of courses, is at the school every day, and is always available to the students and instructors.

3-At the Fashion Institute of Fl, each student is a human being we care for and nurture daily. The instructors and staff make each student feel at home.

4-In Feb 2022, we won First Place in a nationwide fashion colleges competition, again brand names like Art Institute, FIT in NY, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Istituto Marangoni Miami.

5-At FIF, students only see courses related to the fashion industry. Not money/time wasted.

6-We are the only school in Fl that takes the students on several field trips throughout the year.

7-FIF is the only fashion school that offers students complimentary access to our entire library of pre-recorded lessons on demand as a supplement for their learning process.

8-We are the only school that allows all graduating students to showcase a 3- looks collection for the graduation/ fashion show at the end of the program.

9-We are the only school that sponsors a yearly solo show for a graduating student for NYFW.

10-We are an indeed boutique school with only 10-12 students per class section.

Our Students

Taylor Dorry, class 2019

Creative director of Taylor Dory


Taylor Dorry joined our Fashion Apparel Design Program in 2018.

She always had a focused vision of what her brand would consist of. With that focus set, she has successfully launched her line while carefully translating her own interpretations of purity, grunge, and femineity. Taylor utilizes sustainable practices and upcycled materials when producing her collections.

Beatriz Perez 2021

Head Designer at Bululu


Beatriz began in our Fashion Apparel Program and progressed impressionably. She now owns her own fabric printing company alongside her family. Beatriz is also the owner of Bululu Resort Wear.

After years of experience in the clothes-manufacturing industry, Beatriz Perez showcases the happiness, culture, and rhythm of her home country of Venezuela.

Her dream and vision have been fought, not given. Her relentless ambition and spirit have been focused on imprinting her joyous attitude and happiness into every print, design, and collection. Beatriz’ infectious persistence and strength has been a tool to motivate her family brand to strive for the utmost quality as well as a cleaner printing process with a lesser impact on the environment.

The accumulated experience led Beatriz to start in 2018, dedicated to women who feel empowered, and fashionable, those who love life and comfort.

Pro-Quality Equipments

Students have access to industrial sewing machines and the most advanced software programs that are used by professionals in the industry; including CAD, computer pattern making and 3D designs software.

Because of our partnerships, we’re able to after these materials all in one place, more affordably than if students had to purchase them separately. Additionally, students have access to our industry partnerships, fabric stores and factories + atelier and lifetime career assistance through our dedicated career services representatives and alumni network.

Learn From The Pros


Journey in fashion design began in her native Dominican Republic, crafting clothes for her Barbie dolls. Graduating at the top of her class in 1998 from the Instituto Tecnologico Mercy Jacquez, she ventured into the competitive fashion industry, winning competitions and gaining recognition for her original collections featured in local newspapers. Relocating to Miami in 2001, she graduated with honors from the Miami International University of Art and Design. She debuted her first collection in 2006, earning her the title of Best New Fashion Designer in Miami. Beyond design, Ms. D’Oleo has authored a few books on the fashion industry, received the Key to Miami Dade County, and served as a judge for international fashion contests, showcasing her global impact. In June 2016, Ms D’Oleo founded the Fashion Institute of Florida.

Admissions Requirements


2. PROVIDE PROOF OF GRADUATION FIF requires a standard high school diploma, GED, or state equivalency exam to enroll in a program. Students applying to FIF institute must provide documentation as Proof of Graduation (POG) before acceptance.



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