7 weeks long. Meets once a week for 3 hours. Includes access to more than 14 hours of video tutorials.



In this first of five levels, students will be introduced to all pattern making tools, supplies, and terminology as well as woven fabric characteristics, terms, sizes and categories. Students will learn how to measure the dress form. In addition, students will be introduced to 3 different methods of pattern making.

Using industry standard measurements, students will learn how to draft the five basic pattern pieces, which are fundamental for all designs and styles. Students will understand pattern signs, darts and wearing ease before transferring the five basic pieces to oak tag paper in order to have individual sloper/block patterns.

Certification of completion included after completing Pattern Making 5.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Pattern Making Workshop.


Click here to enroll in free “ Introduction to Pattern Making “ workshop

  • List of Materials for Pattern Making 1

  • - Pattern notcher
    - Pointed tracing wheel
    - Awl
    - French curve
    - 18"/48cm see through ruler
    - 24" hip curve
    - Tape Measure
    - Mechanical pencil
    - Eraser
    - Dull scotch tape
    - Paper scissors
    - Pattern hooks
    - Sharpie permanent marker
    - A roll of dotted pattern making paper
    - A roll of oak tag pattern paper


  • Mandatory Book: Pattern Making Made Simple by Rucht D’ Oleo for sale at the school

    Pattern Making for Fashion Design 5 edition by Helen Joseph. You will need it after 5 weeks of class.


    Recommended book: How Patterns Work by Assembil

    *We update the course material list every 4 months, course instructors can request extra supplies not listed in the original material list.

Pattern Making 1

Sep-Oct 2022 

Wednesday from 10am-1pm. In the classroom

Sep. 7, 14, 21, 28th

Oct. 5, 12, 19th


Tuesday from 6-9pm. In the classroom

Sep. 6, 13, 20, 27th

Oct. 4, 11, 18th

Terms: Students are responsible to buy all the materials and supplies for the course including any mandatory textbooks. Make sure to read the “materials list” corresponding to this course or ask the school for one before paying for the course. Failure to obtain the supplies or some of it will limit your ability to complete course assignments. We update the course material list every 4 months, course instructors can request extra supplies for the course not listed in the original material list.

Each course is 7-weeks and a total of 21 hours, if you miss 6 or more hours on the 7 week period you automatically fail the course and need to pay and retake again.

Students need to be in class on time, instructors may deny entrance to class session if you are 10 or more minutes late.

We take pride in our curriculum and our students need to meet the school's expectations. The student is responsible for completing each and every class assignment, failure to this will result into failing the course. When receiving a quiz, only a “B” /80 or more is a passing grade for our courses.

This course is about practicing and each class section requires a least 3-5 hours of practice at home.

School staff might take pictures and or videos for social media and by attending this course you agree to be pictured in any of those promotional materials.


Cancellation and refund policy: Space and scheduling is limited at The Fashion Institute of South Florida. Therefore, if students decide to cancel their registration for any reason within 15 days from their 1st day of class, they will pay a $100.00 cancellation fee. If students decide to cancel their registration for any reason, within 7 days from their 1st day of class, they will pay a $200.00 cancellation fee. The cost of the course is not refundable after the 1st day of class. TFISF reserves the right to cancel any class by low enrollment and to postpone classes due to circumstances beyond The Fashion Institute of South Florida’s control. We make every effort to notify students of postponements and cancellations at least 48 hours before the first scheduled class. TFISF may elect to postpone a class in order to receive additional registrations to meet minimum enrollment requirements. Refund and cancellation policies are strictly enforced.

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Students will be introduced to the art of draping, the history of draping and when to choose the draping method over the flat method. During this course, students will learn about the different types of muslin and how to prepare your muslin blocks for draping. 


Students will be introduced to grading, understand the terminology and how to apply it. We will teach you the different ways to do grading and practice in class grading a basic skirt, pants, 2 darts bodice, torso bodice, sleeves, and more pieces. This course includes a grading reference guide.


Students are introduced to textiles, the terminology of fabrics and fibers, properties, construction, and finishes. In addition, we will discuss the difference between natural fibers versus manmade fibers and woven to knit fabrics. Students will put together a swatch kit.


A complete program designed for creative individuals that want to gain complete knowledge of the fashion industry.



"For years I have been dreaming about becoming a fashion designer but always found it to be unattainable. This school has changed that.
I leave every class so confident and excited about what I have learned and can’t wait to come back. The schedule, class size, cost, and talent of the professors are almost too good to be true. But trust me, they are."

Taylor Dorry, Student  -  2 APR 2019

"Hello Fashionistas! I really like taking classes at The Fashion Institute of South Florida. After many years of looking around for a good, affordable and flexible fashion school in Miami, I’m lucky enough to have found this. I have been learning so much with the classes and the schedule is very convenient for me. $$ is super inexpensive but yet professional. I’m almost ready to enter to fashion world and launch my own clothing label! All thanks to The Fashion Institute of South Florida!"

Krysalee Reye, Student  - 15 SEP 2020

"I really enjoyed this course. It opened my thoughts and provided lots of new inspirational ideas. I always wanted to learn about fashion and what goes into garment production, so this course was exactly what I was looking for. The teachers are very friendly and they will help you with everything you need. Rucht was the best, she'll teach you everything she knows about fashion."

Juan Marcano, Marketer  - 04 JUL 2020

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