Pattern Making Made Simple (eBook)


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A simple guide to developing patterns for Misses and Women’s garments.

As a fashion designer for over 20 years I had developed skills in every area of the fashion industry, regardless pattern making has been my passion since day one. During my days in college I paid close attention to the pattern making courses and made my goal to become the best pattern maker I can be. Making patterns that fit is very simple, its a rational subject between math and body anatomy applying creative and imaginative ideas. After I founded The Fashion Institute of South Florida, I started to see the need for a simple book that guide the students on the journey of learning pattern making. A very simple – yet very important subject. This book contains all the necessary guidance for students with the desire to learn and master the art or pattern making. I started the book with a list of tools you need, definition and vocabulary from the pattern maker workroom, body/ figure classifications or categories, measurement charts and how to take body measurements A guide on how to develop the 5- piece pattern making set and clear definition of the 3 basic pattern making principles. This book will teach you how to apply those principles with step by step examples of different styles, from tops, skirts, pants, collars, sleeves and dresses and diagrams/ illustrations of each example for the visual learner. Is my objective that with the techniques I described in this book, the students are able to develop the patterns that work and fit the human figure for any style designed.

With love,
Rucht D`Oleo

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