Textiles 101


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7 weeks long, meets once a week for 3 hours.

Students are introduced to textiles; learning the terminology from fabrics and fibers to properties, construction, and finishes. In addition, we will discuss the difference between natural fibers versus manmade fibers and woven to knit fabrics.

Students will put together a swatch kit that will serve as a reference to understanding fabrics and their uses for their future designs. **Must be purchased at the School.

This course includes a fabric printing workshop.

Certification of completion included.

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Thursdays 10-1 PM, Saturdays 1-4 PM

Materials List

  • TEXTILES KIT – ECO-FRIENDLY EDITION- Must be bought at the school $110.00
  • TEXTBOOK:  Fabric Reference, 4th edition OR UP (not sold at school)


  • White T-Shirt, White Canvas bag, apron, jeans or any piece you would like to print on.
  • Apron so you don’t get dirty
  • Plastic gloves
  • Shaving Cream
  • Fabric Dye (Jacquard Brand) At least 3 colors.
  • Fabric Paint.
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