Fashion Apparel Design

A complete program designed for creative individuals that want to gain complete knowledge of the fashion industry

Short Fashion Courses

The series of Short Fashion Courses were developed for people on the go who want to target specific areas of the industry and enhance their knowledge in a fast but professional way without a long-term commitment to school.


Do you want to try the school without making a commitment? Sign up for any of our upcoming workshops and find out.


Fashion Institute of Florida is a vocational fashion school that was conceived to bring the opportunity to creative individuals who are interested in launching a career in the fashion industry, without paying the high cost of traditional fashion colleges.


Do you want to try the school without making a commitment? Sign up for any of our upcoming workshops and find out



This is one of the best courses for beginners.

I recently took How to Start a Clothing Line with The Fashion Institute of South Florida and I am ecstatic with the lessons I have learned. The teacher was detailed and relevant and was SO knowledgeable of the Industry. I really feel like she gave me the confidence to get out there and start my business!
Gianna Pignatello

Swimwear designer

I am so grateful I enrolled in The Fashion Institute of South Florida. They have made my dream of becoming a swim wear designer attainable. The class sizes are small, the teachers are super patient and supportive. I didn't pick up a sewing machine or even a needle until May of this year and I have already accomplished so much because of TFISF. Thank you Ms. Baez, Ms. Finelli and Ms. D'Oleo!! 💛💗
Sofia Amoros

Amazing Class

Fashion Institute classes have been such an amazing experience! I am finally pursuing my passion at convenient weekend and night classes so I can still work while in school. The classes are very affordable, and the small class sizes are perfect for learning. The teachers are SUPER helpful; they answer all questions and provide 1-on-1 attention to ensure you fully understand the concepts being taught. If your have a passion for fashion, this is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of and make your dream a reality!
Keira G.

Swimwear designer

What a fantastic fashion school for those that want to either improve what they already know or start from the bottom up. I started back here a year ago with an idea that I just wanted my homemade clothes to have a more professional look - I have sewn on and off since I was a kid. I started right at the being with Sewing for Begining I learned so much and enjoyed the class with the teachers and other students. I then went on to Garment Construction, Pattern Cutting and Swimsuit Design. Every class just gets better and better.
Nicola Grayling

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