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  • Six-month course
  • Meets 4 times a week for 5-6 hours
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  • Monday through Thursday mornings 10:00am-3:30 pm/4:30 pm


What you will learn

During this immersive course, students will delve into the intricate process of conceiving, crafting, and organizing a stunning swimwear collection. From drawing inspiration to developing detailed illustrations, sourcing quality fabrics, mastering pattern making, refining sewing techniques, understanding costing, creating tech packs, and constructing samples, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

Furthermore, students will embark on a transformative journey, building not just swimwear but also their brand identity and effective marketing strategies. They'll broaden their perspectives and gain real-world insights by engaging in two impactful field trips to garment factories in Miami.

Each week, participants will hone their practical skills in patternmaking and sewing, gaining a profound understanding of bathing suit anatomy and fit. Fueled by creativity and imagination, they will design marketable collections. Additionally, students will receive training in vital business, marketing, and legal aspects integral to the industry.

Upon completion, students will exit the course with a fully swimwear/resort wear collection primed for sampling, production, and sale, and even more exciting, they will showcase a 3-look collection during the next Fashion Institute of Florida's fashion show.

Certificate of Completion Included


Swimwear Designer

In the classroom. Meets 4 times on weekdays.

 Monday & Wed from 10am to 3.30 pm

Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:30pm.

 August 27th -to February 27th 2025

Off November 28th, December 24,25 and 31, January 1st


List of Materials

Materials list

  • Pattern notcher
  • Pointed tracing wheel
  • Awl
  • French curve
  • 18"/48cm see through ruler
  • 24" hip curve
  • Tape measurer 
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Eraser
  • Dull scotch tape
  • Paper scissors
  • Sharpie permanent marker
  • A roll of dotted pattern making paper$10.00
  • A roll of oak tag pattern paper $10.00

 (Pattern Making Kit sold at school with all materials listed abode for $125)


In addition, to sew the bathing suits:

2 yards of nylon spandex blend or polyester/ nylon

2 yard of any printed nylon spandex blend or
polyester fabric you would like to make a one-piece bathing suit or two-piece
bathing suits.

1 yard of lining (to line the bathing suits), which matches the color fabric.

10 yards of swimwear elastic of ¼ widths.

3 all-purpose threads that match the color of the fabric.

Look turner

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat

Swimwear embellishes from Etsy or Amazon

*Students must
have a straight stitch sewing + overlock machina to practice at home. 

*We recommend Singer Heavy Duty 1144 and
Brother Serger, 1034, Heavy- Duty




A complete program designed for creative individuals that want to gain complete knowledge of the fashion industry.



"For years I have been dreaming about becoming a fashion designer but always found it to be unattainable. This school has changed that. I leave every class so confident and excited about what I have learned and can’t wait to come back. The schedule, class size, cost, and talent of the professors are almost too good to be true. But trust me, they are."

Taylor Dorry

Student - 2 APR 2019

Hello Fashionistas! I really like taking classes at The Fashion Institute of South Florida. After many years of looking around for a good, affordable and flexible fashion school in Miami, I’m lucky enough to have found this. I have been learning so much with the classes and the schedule is very convenient for me.  I’m almost ready to enter to fashion world and launch my own clothing label! All thanks to The Fashion Institute of South Florida!"

Krysalee Reye

Student - 15 SEP 2020

"I really enjoyed this course. It opened my thoughts and provided lots of new inspirational ideas. I always wanted to learn about fashion and what goes into garment production, so this course was exactly what I was looking for. The teachers are very friendly and they will help you with everything you need. Rucht was the best, she'll teach you everything she knows about fashion."

Juan Marcano

Marketer - 15 SEP 2017, 14:42

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