Student Spotlight: Gyvanna Gabriel

Student Spotlight: Gyvanna Gabriel
Gyvanna is an outstanding student! She always goes above and beyond expectation by contsantly demonstarting responsibility and a heavy desire to progress with the new skills she is gaining from our courses!
How long have you been a design student and what got you interested in fashion as a career?
I started studying last spring , I took the sewing for beginners class and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to move forward with the classes that followed. As for why I decided to pursue fashion, I’ve always loved it and used clothing as a way to express who I am and as a creative outlet. During covid lockdown, I got a sewing machine and I just wanted to learn how to make ideas come to life. The more classes I take, the more I realize that I can see myself doing something involving fashion long term.
How are your classes helping you in the process of preparing personal projects?
I feel like before taking the classes, some projects seemed impossible to do since I didn’t have the technical knowlegde to see them through but now I feel like i can do it!! & I know my skill set is only going to keep growing.
What are your plans after you finish your studies at the Fashion Institute of South Florida?
This is the part I don’t have all figured out but definitely want to be involved in the fashion business someway somehow. The school is helping me determine what parts I want to lean to more.
What advice do you have for students already studying or wanting to study fashion design?
CONSISTENCY is key!!! Sometimes we all need a break but after a couple hours or days, just continue that project or start a new one but just practice, practice, practice...that’s truly what’s going to help you grow! Also, don’t be afraid to fail, you learn the best from your mistakes. 

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