Student Spotlight May: Gyvanna Gabriel

Student Spotlight May: Gyvanna Gabriel
Gyvanna's persistance, resilliance, and dedication to seeing her visions come to life and finding her voice as a fashion designer has earned her the Student Spotlight! Read below to learn more about Gyvanna!  
 How would you define fashion?
 If I were to define fashion in one word, it would be “art”. I’ve
always seen fashion as an outlet to show the world who I am
and who I want to be. 

With the skills you are gaining at Fashion Institute of
Florida, what excites you most about your unlocked potential
and future career as a fashion designer?
 When I first started the program I would have never known
that I could improve as much as I have. I feel that I have
obtained the tools to express my ideas & designs in a way
that all the people involved in the production process would
get a clear understanding of the vision and pieces I want to
create. I can’t wait to see my designs come to life! 

 Where do you gain inspiration from? List some of
your design influences, both past and present.
I gain inspirations from other fashion shows and being
around other creatives gets me inspired. Also, my fashion
history class at FIF was super inspiring. Some of my most recent
design influences are Balmain, Dior’s New Look and Sandy

What is a fashion design related achievement you are
most proud of so far?
I just finished sketching my final collection for my illustration
class and I’m so proud of it! I went from not knowing how to
draw at all to designing a 10-look collection that shows
exactly who I want to be as a designer. 

 Advice Corner for Future fashion design students: what
lessons you have learned during your time as a fashion
design student at FIF? Did your perception of the Fashion
Industry shift as you’ve ventured through the learning
I’ve learned that you have to be persistent, I doubted myself
and wondered if I just wasn’t cut out for sewing or drawing at
the beginning, but with the help and support from my professors
and peers, I have developed my skills as a designerr.  I’ve
also learned to not give up... so my biggest advice is DON’T
GIVE UP! My perception did shift, from the outside looking in the
fashion industry seemed like an exclusive club impossible to
break into, but along the way I’ve noticed that you can find
community that will guide and elevate you.

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