What is Seam Line Ease?

Here at Fashion Institute of South Florida, we are always on the lookout for the best resources that will benefit our students’ education. So when we see something good, we share it! I came across Ms. Alexandra Morgan and her website, In-House Pattern Studio. She wrote an in-depth blog piece, “What is Seam Line Ease?” that I thought would be helpful to our students who are taking our Pattern Making classes. Enjoy!


Rucht D’Oleo

Founder & Director of The Fashion Institute of South Florida


“ Most sewers are pretty familiar with the term “easing”. You’ll find it in almost all pattern assembly instructions and you’ve probably done it several times if you’ve been sewing for any length of time at all. If you’re new or returning to sewing you might be wondering what it is, when you might use it and why it’s even there, so let me clear all of that up for you.

Let’s start with a definition. In essence, easing is a sewing technique used to compress a longer seam line length into a shorter one without creating pleats or gathers. There are a few techniques you can use to achieve this but before we get to that I want to explain why the technique even exists.”

Simply put, easing adds 3-dimensional shape and replaces darts. As a result, you’ll find…” 

Read the rest of Ms. Morgan’s blog here: What is Seam Line Ease? 

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