Types of Garment Closures

Types of Garment Closures

Types of Garment Closures 

Garments and sewn accessories ought to stay closed and secure, which is often done using garment closures. Even though garment closures have a vital function, they are also a fun way to add personality and design elements to your garments. Below is a short guide for the five most common garment closure types you can come across.  


Kind of zippers

Zippers are perhaps the most common and used garment closures available. They come in various sizes, colors, and types. Zippers have either metal or plastic teeth. Some of the common zipper categories include; 

  • All-Purpose Polyester Zippers. These are commonly used for pants/skirts, home decor, and dresses. 
  • All-Purpose Metal Zippers. These are strong, durable zippers mainly used for sportswear. They can also be used in pants/skirts, dresses, and home decor. 
  • Jeans Zippers. These are typically made of brass. They are used in jeans, among other garments that require a medium weight to a heavy-duty zipper. 
  • Invisible Zippers. They are designed to disappear into the seam of the fabric, with only the zipper pull being visible. - By the way, my favorite kind of zipper :).
  • Separating zippers are designed to come entirely apart and are meant for sportswear, jackets, or fitted garments like bustiers and corsets.  


Kind of buttons

Buttons come in fabulous colors and styles that can make your garment a fashion statement. They have holes that you can see through. They can also feature a shank hidden on the button's underside.  

In addition, buttons can be made from any material, whether plastic, nylon, silver, brass, shell, or bone. They also come in different shapes and sizes that you can customize to give your garment some personality. You can even cover the buttons in the same fabric as the garment. 

Hooks and Eyes 

Hook and eyes

These lay pretty flat and can close us small areas invisibly. Hook and eyes come on every size, from very small - added in the top of the zippers to help the zipper be closed; or larger ones for heavy winter coats- They consist of two parts; the rounded "eye" and the angled "hook." These garment closures are commonly found in bras. Most hook and eye fasteners are made from metal coated in various colors.  



Snap closures are most common, especially in kids' undergarments. They come in various sizes and finishes and can be made from plastic or metal. Snap fasteners are applied at spaced intervals like buttons. They can either be sewn on or applied with a hand-held plier tool. They also come on tapes that you can buy by the yard and sew to the garment opening.

The pieces go on the interior-facing sides of overlapping material. A single piece is flat with a tiny hole, and the other has a rounded part that fits into the hole when snapped together. Snap fasteners are ideal for activewear and different garment types made with materials like rip-stop nylon. 


Velcro (hook and loop fasteners) was a revolutionary product when it hit the commercial product in the 1950s. It continues to be one of the most frequently used garment closures in manufacturing clothes and other goods. Velcro consists of two nylon or poly material strips. You attach the tiny flexible "hooks" on the rough pieces to the "loops" on the soft surface. You can simply open it by pulling them apart.  

Other types of garment closures may include; 

  • Loop closures 
  • Tie closures 
  • Toggle fasteners 

Bottom Line 

Each of the above garment closures can be used to create a fashion statement. However, they all cannot be used in the same functionalities. Some work better in different instances than others. Generally, garment closures can be removed and replaced with new ones or different types. Since they come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, you can customize your garment closures to match your preferences. To learn more and how to sew each of the mentioned garment closures, enroll in our 5-star rated course Sewing for Beginners here.

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